Any official plans for a CircleCI API SDK?

Are there any plans for CircleCI to provide an “official” CircleCI API SDK, in particular for TypeScript?

There was great progress last month with the launch of the CircleCI Config SDK (Introducing the CircleCI Config SDK | CircleCI), which is great for managing configurations locally.

I’m a contributor to the open source Backstage project and it’s CircleCI Plugin (backstage/plugins/circleci at master · backstage/backstage · GitHub), and that plugin currently leverages an open-source CircleCI API package which supports only the v1.1 API: circleci-api - npm

This package, however, has not have any maintenance in over a year. The open source community could contribute to that unofficial project in hopes that the maintainer accepts CircleCI API v2 contributions, but there is no guarantee as it seems to have gone dormant.

It would be ideal if there was an “official” avenue. Specifically, my interest is in a TypeScript / Node.js API SDK. This would then unlock the ability to do more exciting things with additional endpoints like Insights.