Android emulator is incredibly slow and cant be used with selenium, options?

What do others do to work around the massive hurdle of android emulation? I don’t see how its possible to use selendroid and have uitests execute in any reliable or timely means on the arm emulator, it is absolutely not a viable solution…

it takes 4-9 min to boot and then needs the full 10 minute timeout to even hope to initiate as selendroid struggles with ??adb?? exit codes and the speed of the arm emulator while it repeatledy fails to start the server for the ui tests to begin… this is after

  • emulator -avd [emu name]: (background parallel)
  • java -jar sel.jar -app app-debug.apk:
  • circle-android wait-for-boot
    has all finished starting up
    when you actually try to connect and start the test, selendroid has to then verify the conected emulator is ready to go and that fails over and over because its so slow, (plus im sure the documentation about adb not reporting exit codes properly and telling us to use fb-adb doesnt help) so the tests end up timing out before the server can finally say its ready.

anyone who uses selenium and builds on circle have any suggestions?
ive already seen circle employees state that kvm on linux aka x86 emulator support is not possible on aws infrastructure… my only other thought is to build on circle, ssh back the apk or maybe remote adb install the apk back onto a physical device or dedicated osx machine with x86 emualtor and then run the tests from circle against an ngrok’d port 4444 … which makes me ask why even bother building on circle…