Allow setting (or fetching) org ID to support private orbs

I’m not sure where to put feature requests for the vscode extension so please redirect me elsewhere if there’s a better spot!

We use private orbs for our main workflows which requires using the --org-id {{org_id}} to validate configs. The vscode extension currently does not allow setting (or pulling it using my API key) the org ID for a project limiting the ability to validate configs. Supporting this option would allow validating configs using private orbs.

Hello! Thanks for reporting this!
Just to double check, are you having this problem when running the vscode command “CircleCI: validate configuration”, or are you also finding that your private orbs are highlighted as non-existent in the file itself?

That was the issue I was having, but verifying it again I now get prompted for what organization to validate against and it seems to work. I’m not sure if either version 1.5.0/1 fixed it or if it was always user error.

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I can reassure you that it wasn’t a user error, we did make some changes based on your suggestion :blush:
If you have any more issues let us know!

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