Allocate a property file in a specific directory in CircleCi

Anyone knows if it’s possible to allocate a “property” file in a specific directory in circleCI? Basically, what we have in our environment is our project, then from inside our project we load some java variable with values coming from a “” file which is allocated outside the project. We just send our project to github so when CircleCI loads our project the “” is missed and we get nullpointerException.

Anyone could give a me a hand if it’s possible or another option for that?


Yes, just commit (or whatever other name you decide). Then, in your YAML, have a run step to copy the file into place.

(You can store configs and trivial secrets in this way. However, if there is anything you need to be careful with for security reasons, use env vars for that).

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Cheers for the help @halfer!

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