ActiveRecord error when running db:schema:load - "NoMethodError: undefined method 'uuid'"

I’m running into an issue when running bundle exec rake db:schema:load when setting up the test database before tests can be ran:

“NoMethodError: undefined method `uuid’ for ActiveRecord”

This happens when a table that uses a uuid column is created via bundle exec rake db:schema:load.

I initially thought this was due to a missing pg extension such as pgcrypto, but that is a part of postgres-contrib which has been added to the postgres convenience image which we use: Still can't use this if PG extensions are in use · Issue #11 · CircleCI-Public/cimg-postgres · GitHub

FYI I did have a successful build where the tests ran and this randomly started happening ( and not due to code changes) and haven’t been able to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.

CircleCI Config file: CircleCI · GitHub

Environment specs:
Ruby 2.6.6
Rails 4.2.11
Postgres 12.8