Accessing artifacts folder in CircleCI YAML configuration


I am facing an issue while trying to access the content of the artifacts folder in CircleCI, but not through curl or the “Artifacts” feature. Instead, I want to retrieve the artifacts directly within the circleci-yml configuration.

Here’s the situation: I’m utilizing an orb that saves its results in the artifacts folder. Let’s assume there is an item named “app_link.apk” that I know the orb has saved in the artifacts. My goal is to retrieve this “app_link.apk” and pass it to the next step as part of my CircleCI workflow.

I have attempted various approaches, such as using “/home/circleci/project/output/”, but unfortunately, I keep encountering the following error:
“ls: cannot access ‘/home/circleci/project/output/’: No such file or directory.”

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue. Thank you!