Access revoked from circle

Our entire organization had its accessed revoked from Circle CI abruptly today. Please help. We received this email

Hi Jack,

GitHub told us that you no longer have access to swell-investing/swell. We mirror GitHub’s permissions, so we’ve unfollowed you from the project on CircleCI. If you were the last follower on the project, then we may have stopped building!

This should only happen if you were removed as a collaborator on GitHub, but sometimes projects are erroneously revoked. If that’s the case, you just need to refollow the project from

Please let us know if you think your access was removed erroneously. We’ll pass the info on to GitHub and improve our workarounds.


We are seeing the same issue

We’ve just experienced the same problem with all of our Circle projects.

We’re experiencing the same problem.

Same problem here.

Same here. Please provide an update.

Same here.


Same problem here.

Same here. And timing couldn’t be worse!

Same here.




Nearly all repos revoked here too.

Everything got revoked for us as well… wouldn’t want to have to go through setting everything up again… any resolutions?

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We are currently investigating the issue. Thank you so much for your patience.


:frowning: I have the same problem. Cannot see projects on dashboard or get meaningful results from API about historical data for builds.

Hello everyone,

We apologize for the disruption in service. We are currently working to resolve the incident. More information and updates can be found here:

We appreciate your patience.

@KyleTryon we’re still waiting for several of our projects to be restored. Do you know if following the manual process of removing and re-adding the integration on both GitHub and CircleCI (as described in the status update) will preserve the project history - builds, workflow executions, artifacts …? Or will we get a fresh project by doing this?

Same question. Would appreciate advice. Don’t want to lose everything.

No data should be lost, but you may need to re-follow or re-add the projects to CircleCI.

While we are trying to do this automaticly for you, you can follow the directsions at to be running sooner.

@drazisil thanks, confirming this worked.

I didn’t see the “stop building” button though, because I was not following the project. So the process was:

  1. Remove all CircleCI webhooks and services from your GitHub repo settings.
  2. Follow project on Circle CI through “Project settings”.
  3. Tell the project to stop building on CircleCI through “Project settings”.
  4. Add the project back on CircleCI.
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