Access denied for user 'sharetribe'@'' (using password: YES)



Hi all.

I am tried run project

ruby 2.3.4
mysql 5.7
nodejs 7.8

but when run:

bundle exec rake db:create

I have error:

Access denied for user 'sharetribe'@'' (using password: YES)Please provide the root password for your MySQL installation

I used:

  - image: mysql:5.7
      - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password
      - MYSQL_DATABASE=sharetribe_development
      - MYSQL_HOST=
      - MYSQL_USER=sharetribe
      - MYSQL_PASSWORD= password
      - MYSQL_ROOT_HOST=%  

What am I doing wrong or where could I be wrong?


What does your DB configuration on the ruby side look like?


The problem was fixed, it was necessary to set access rights correctly.


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