Yarn not installed?



Since roughly 2:30PM GST today, my nodejs builds have been failing. I get the following error when running yarn install:

/bin/bash: yarn: command not found
Exited with code 127

I’ve not changed anything about my circleci config, or dependencies, in that time. Also, if I re-run jobs that passed two hours ago they now fail with this error. I’m using the circleci/node:8-browsers image, with circleci 2. My builds also include a job that uses a node image not provided by circle and they still pass.

I noticed on docker hub that the node image changed at roughly the same time as my builds started to fail, is it possible that yarn was removed from the image for some reason?


We are also seeing the issue with our builds using the ruby:2.5.0-node image.


I’m having the same issue with circleci/ruby:2.5.0-node-browsers


Ditto this, looks like the images were republished about an hour ago. I’m using circleci/node:9 and all builds in our project are failing. Is this an error on CircleCI’s part? Or is yarn intentionally no longer preinstalled and it should be part of a project’s build steps to install it?


Having the same issue with the circleci/ruby:2.5.0-node-browsers. This causes all of our builds to fail.


On a related note, is there any way to use CircleCI’s prebuilt Docker images, but to lock it down to a specific tag or commit hash? It’s obviously a little frustrating that a build that previously passed would, upon rebuild and with the same image, suddenly fail. Kinda sucks to have non-reproducible builds.


CircleCI appears to know of this issue and are working on a fix: https://twitter.com/circleci/status/974694807091073024


Hey all!

I’m having the same issue, but only on every other build. A noteable difference is that broken builds tell me

Starting container circleci/node:8
  using image circleci/node@sha256:1eb750475c33ad9644dd65200be190d1217e5b569ad2dce7cc3c7e62b2172ac1

while working builds say

Starting container circleci/node:8
  using image circleci/node@sha256:895bd70ebcf4fd8a61a38f236fdea711859ac5d24357dc419559e53b06bac476

I’m using a reocurring/scheduled workflow that sometimes works, sometimes fails on the same repository commit starting at around 4pm CET today.

I’ll follow this thread to find out if I need to install yarn myself from now on ;-).



As a workaround until CircleCI fixes the container, you can specify a working Docker image directly by its sha256–e.g. replacing circleci/node:8 with circleci/node@sha256:895bd70ebcf4fd8a61a38f236fdea711859ac5d24357dc419559e53b06bac476 as the image value.

To find the right sha256 for the tag you were previously using, you can look at the logs from the first step of a successful build like @bennigraf did.


I’m starting to see this as well!


Same here, circleci/node:9-browsers and circleci/node:9


The Node docker builds appear to be the culprit:

Interesting post-mortem blog post:


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