Xenial, or custom images on 2.0


Unfortunately, we cannot use Trusty for our builds, and Trusty’s kernel is too old for a lot of the work we’d like to do. Is there a plan on adding custom images, or more modern images to Circle CI 2.0’s machine executor?


Thank you for providing feedback.

We will consider this request in our future updates.


For your userspace, if what’s available in the machine executor isn’t what you need, you should be using a Docker image.

Some people had issues with that before because the kernel the host VM (for the docker executor) was the Ubuntu 14.04 kernel (Linux v3.x). Both the machine executor and docker executor at this point are using the Linux v4.4.0 kernel from Ubuntu 16.04.

Meaning, using image: ubuntu:16.04 will now give you the Ubuntu 16.04 kernel and userspace.