Xcode 11.0.0 builds and signs but fails on Xcode 10.3.0

Using fastlane and match, my iOS mobile app builds, is signed properly, and can be pushed to Test Flight fine using macox/xcode 11.0.0 image in .circleci/config.yml.

However, if I switch the macos/xcode version to 10.3.0 on the exact same code it fails due to:

Code Signing Error: No signing certificate “iOS Distribution” found: No “iOS Distribution” signing certificate matching team ID “REDACTED” with a private key was found.

This error never comes on the same exact code if I use macox/xcode 11.0.0

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In my experience, some of the fastlane configuration related to certificates is version specific. Is there any additional logging that could point us in the right direction?

Is there a recommended way I can enable additional logging and capture it because seems like most of the logging is related to compiling of my app not the problem of signing/certificates.

Make sure that setup_circle_ci is added to your Fastfile to make Match work with the Keychain on CircleCI.

Does it work if you run it locally on your own machine with xcode-select set to 10.3.0?

I find the easiest way of debugging issues like this to Rerun job with SSH and then executing the Fastlane commands manually.

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