Xattrs broken on Docker

When you delete Xattrs on Docker on Circle CI, it doesn’t appear to delete them, it appears to just set their value to “”. This seems to be a recent problem in the past few weeks.

This is the behaviour of xattrs on my Circle CI docker instance:

root@07c3f8331369:/builds# touch cat
root@07c3f8331369:/builds# xattr -w user.foo bar cat
root@07c3f8331369:/builds# xattr -d user.foo cat
root@07c3f8331369:/builds# xattr cat
root@07c3f8331369:/builds# xattr -p user.foo cat
# strace -e getxattr xattr -p user.foo cat
getxattr("cat", "user.foo", NULL, 0)    = 0
getxattr("cat", "user.foo", "", 0)      = 0

This is the behaviour of xattrs on a normal computer:

$ touch cat
$ xattr -w user.foo bar cat
$ xattr -d user.foo cat
$ xattr cat