X86 Android emulators



Can we use x86 emulators in CircleCI 2.0?

I know it’s not supported in CircleCI 1.0. But how about 2.0?

Google only provide x86 emulators for Android TV API 25.

So, if we could not use x86 emulators, than we can’t run the instrument test on CircleCI.

Can you provide some suggestions about it?



I try with x86 but is not work, keep running forever, then try with armeabi-v7a and it works, is slow but works, I make a benchmark to know the faster android emulator and the api 16 ran on ~4 minutes, the api 25 ran on ~10 minutes others more than that.

You can find how I do my instrumented test here, I hope this can help you:


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