Workflows with Machine Executor?



Is it possible to use Workflows with the Machine Executor?


Yes, workflows will work with machine executor.


Is there any sort of reserved words in the names of jobs?

I’m getting this error:

* error parsing config: yaml: line 86: mapping values are not allowed in this context
* job 'build' is not found

But build isn’t even in my .yml file (line 86 is -build_node):

    version: 2

            - setup
            - build_node
                    - setup


Looks like you have a typo in “worksflows” – I’ll file a ticket to make this error message better.


I fixed that and it’s still giving me the same error.


Bummer. Can you post one or both of your full config.yml and/or a URL to your latest build?


Do you have : after build_node in your config?


Yes, that was the issue, but now I realize that workflows aren’t quite what I understood from the documentation. They have to be completely independent tasks and modifying our build to support that would likely make things slower than just using the existing build system because having to cache and restore the built docker containers takes a long time.


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