Workflows for deploying



Hey there,
we’d like to use workflows (in a first iteration) to deploy to our staging server from our beta branch as we don’t like the if [ "${CIRCLE_BRANCH}" == "beta" ]; workaround. When I finally got the right syntax for workflows, I noticed that each job uses its own docker environment. Is there a way to reuse previous primary docker container?
If not, do you have plans to add a filter option to steps similar to the workflow job one?


I doubt it. I had a feature request open for this but it is not on our roadmap at this time.

No, you need to declare it in each job. But you can specify the same bits of the config in multiple spots using advanced YAML;


Thanks for your quick answer.

Unfortunately, we have some setup steps which we don’t want to wait for twice. So I guess we’ll have to stick with what we have.
To provide some feeback I’d like to say that I really like CircleCI 2.0 so far. Still, the new workflows syntax was hard to get right. The CLI tool didn’t show errors on that and the error message in the workflow tab wasn’t really describing the error (Config does not conform to schema: {:workflows {:build_and_deploy {:jobs [{:build (not (map? nil))} nil]}}}).


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