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We’ve been using Circle for quite some time and have upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0 and recently implemented workflows and so far it has been excellent. I have a question that I cannot find in the documentation that was asked by one of our developers (in house). In a workflow he clicked “Rerun job with SSH”, and his job ran as expected. At the end of the job the Job just waited for quite some time with a purple status bar. We were not sure of one of the devs had ssh’ed into the build and it was waiting or if it was just staying open so someone could.

So, here is my questions:

  1. What does the purple status color indicate?

  2. Is there a way to tell if someone is actively ssh’ed into the container?

  3. Is there a way to terminate the ssh session or wait (for an ssh session to start?) without canceling the build? For example if you have some code you are in a rush to get merged and the build is sitting there waiting with a purple status and not appearing to do anything, can you tell it to stop waiting or cancel the ssh session if someone is in it without “canceling” the build and forcing a re-run?

Thanks in advance
Matthew Craig


I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Could you provide a screenshot?

Not from the web interface as far as I know, but you could SSH in yourself, and look for (other) active SSH sessions.


The bar that is purple is usually blue, but it changes, I didn’t know if that indicated anything or not. So I figured I’d ask.

Is there a way we could have a status to indicate that the ssh session is active in the web interface?

And with that, (I know i’m pushing boundaries here, but if you’re gonna dream… dream big right?) would it be possible to have an GUI element in the web interface that said either “disconnect ssh” or “stop waiting for ssh” or “finish build”. So it does not extend our build times by 10 minutes? This is more of a wish than a question… the stuff above is more the question and heart of this thread.

This is a question that came up out of the response above:
The way we have it currently setup the ssh credentials on the container are the credentials of the person who started the build. If I copy/paste the ssh settings it does not let me access as I do not have that users ssh keys. Is there a way to allow multiple users to enter the container via ssh? or have the credentials of multiple users so they could?

Thanks again I know there are a lot of questions in this.
Matthew Craig


Great, the clarifications will be useful for readers and Circle employees.

I would guess that the “waiting” state (presumably signified also by the purple bar) is waiting for you to cancel the job in the interface. I only know how I have experienced this interface (rather than any theory as to how it was meant to work), and I have always had to manually cancel SSH jobs.

There is an ideas portal on the main page, I suggest you add the main ones there, as separate entries. (Personally I have not had much luck with it - it does not work very well for me - but I believe that’s the preferred centre for feature requests).

I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed yet, but you could make a feature request for that.


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