Workflows across repos


Is it possible to build workflows across multiple repos in CircleCI 2.0? For example:

  • developer pushes up changes to repo1
  • repo1 has a workflow which runs the tests
  • on success: run the default job for repo2
  • on success: run the default job for repo3

In CircleCI 1.0 we just fired off a bunch of fire-and-forget API calls to trigger repo2 & repo3 to run its tests, but I was just wondering if there is a better way to do this in 2.0.


I’m wondering the same, as this would be especially nice for modeling a build pipeline for an application that is comprised of disparate microservices.


The Workflows API is still under development as far as I’m aware. In the meantime, I’ve managed to use the workflow filters for tags to accomplish this by checking out (from repo1) the repo2 code that you want to build, tagging it (I usually append CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM to the tag), pushing the tag, then having a regex tag filter on the workflow on repo2 that triggers the proper workflow jobs.


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