Workflows 2.0 not showing success in Github



I just implemented workflows on a branch in our repo and github is not getting the full success status of the build anymore. Is there anything I have to change?

And the successful workflow build link


CircleCI 2.0 github protected branch keys

same here. need help!


Thank you so much for reporting this. We will look into it.


some problem too.


Yup, got the same issue here.


Hi KunalJain, do you have an update on this?


Any progress to solve this? This is blocking for us using workflows.


Apologies for the delay. We are actively working on this issue. Will update this post once we have a fix deployed.


I was able to get past this issue by going into the Branch permissions and removing the original CircleCI check. In the image below, the first “ci/circleci” option was our original build check. After unchecking it, PR checks stopped expecting it to be reported from CircleCI.


This work around worked for us, thanks @ETNOL for the heads up! :+1:



The solution @ETNOL posted is exactly right.

TLDR: go to the repo’s “Settings” tab on Github and deselect any obsolete “status keys”.



As a part of the rollout of workflows, we are posting statuses to Github with a key that includes the job by name. Currently, we post all job statuses in chronological order.

There is no overall “workflow status” yet, we may implement that in a later iteration of the workflows feature.

So if you choose to protect your branches, you may need to tweak the status keys you expect from CircleCI.

Thanks very much to @ETNOL for the sleuth work to find this out. Many of us didn’t realize Github had this feature.


I have a docs PR up for this, using this nice image–let me know if you do not want me to use it, or if I have any of the info wrong.



Was able to fix my issue with this thread – thanks!

However, it would be great if there was a single key for the workflow rather than having the status checks be per-job, since right now it appears that if I ever rename a job, add a job to a workflow etc. I have to remember to manually update the status checks performed on a per-branch basis in GitHub.


+1 for this, having to reconfigure Github every time you change the name of a job shouldn’t be the way to go right?


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