Workflow status, badge and e-mail support



With 2.0 I have to use workflows for a multi-language project, with a separate build for each part.

However, it seems that it’s the latest build result (not workflow result) that defines the CircleCI badge status. This is very confusing with workflows, because a single successfull builds does not guarantee that the whole workflow works. So with one of the builds in a workflow failing and another succeeding, the whole workflow will fail, but the badge status will show a green mark, because the latest build succeeded.

It’s even more confusing with e-mail notifications, because with one of the builds failing and another working you may get two consecutive e-mails, first saying “Failed” (which is fine and expected) and the second saying “Fixed” (which is misleading).

Please make workflows first-class citizens!

Failed/Fixed emails in workflows

This is something we need too, otherwise workflows aren’t very useful to us at all. It’s misleading as it is, we often get breakage emails immediately followed by a fix email, when in reality a step in the workflow breaks before another step passes. To us this is still a failure.


I want to echo what’s been said here. I’m hesitant to roll out CircleCI 2.0 to my team due to the fact that email notifications for workflows are misleading. If one job in a workflow fails, I do not want one email saying the build failed and a second email for another job in the workflow saying it’s been fixed.


Can’t emphasize how necessary this is.
In our workflow, the documentation always builds (it’s orthogonal to everything else).
The problem, however, is that the documentation takes forever to build, and, as importantly, _always builds!.
As a result, we pretty much never know if our baseline tests failed - it’s green check-marks all the way :cry:


Same here! My badge shows green because a slower job passes after faster jobs in the workflow have failed.


FWIW I emailed support directly on Aug 2nd reiterating how CI is supposed to reduce uncertainty and how this is increasing it, and got back “we’re aware of your issue and our engineers are planning to improve this soon.”

I think the workflows sidebar status has been fixed (image), hoping for a notification fix to roll out soon.


The issue of workflow sidebar status not matching the most recent workflow is not fixed. I took this screenshot today -

Our build light, notifications and readme badge have been broken since we switched to 2.0 without any clear way forward.


I don’t see an answer from anyone at the CircleCI team. Is this the right place?


It seems that the issue has been resolved not long ago, I’m seeing badges consistent with workflow build statuses now.


We wish to use workflow for scheduled tasks on a public project – healthchecks and such. Workflow badges would allow us to surface this information better, instead of just pinging maintainers and showing a misleading status on the README badges.


(for others in limbo while we want for this to be implemented for us, might be a project where we could create this feature ourselves.)

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