Workflow retry



I am trying to retry a workflow but I get an error in the console:

om-production-3f530ecc6aaaa223a3e5ddb23a585ecf.js:4968 Uncaught Error: :project/workflow-runs is not ISeqable
    at C (om-production-3f530ecc6aaaa223a3e5ddb23a585ecf.js:4968)
    at t (om-production-3f530ecc6aaaa223a3e5ddb23a585ecf.js:4969)
    at om-production-3f530ecc6aaaa223a3e5ddb23a585ecf.js:8878
    at Vj.h.j (om-production-3f530ecc6aaaa223a3e5ddb23a585ecf.js:5391)
    at uyb (om-production-3f530ecc6aaaa223a3e5ddb23a585ecf.js:8889)
    at om-production-3f530ecc6aaaa223a3e5ddb23a585ecf.js:6860
    at MT.h.On (om-production-3f530ecc6aaaa223a3e5ddb23a585ecf.js:6577)
    at ES (om-production-3f530ecc6aaaa223a3e5ddb23a585ecf.js:6493)
    at om-production-3f530ecc6aaaa223a3e5ddb23a585ecf.js:6532


That’s concerning! I opened up a bug ticket, but can you share where you’re seeing that?


Sure. That was from clicking the circular arrow button on the workflow run page (circled in blue)


We have deployed a fix. Please let us know if you are still facing issues.

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