Will it be possible to auto-retry failed builds in 2?



I’m wondering if it will be possible to auto-retry failed builds in version 2? I just experienced in the beta that a build failed due to failure to create a VM in CircleCI itself, it’s not great to have to retry such builds yourself.

When I was admin-ing Jenkins some years ago, I enjoyed greatly the ability to auto-retry failed builds up to a certain number of times, it saved us a lot of frustration.


Our system already does that to the best of its ability. We’ll keep working towards no failed allocations.

EDIT: Actually, something to be aware of is when you hit this when the auto-retry does work. It will currently still fail the build (known bug) but it appears as if all the steps completed successfully. You can confirm if that’s the case by hitting the API and finding a duplicated step that was auto-retried.


Regarding retrying builds failed due to VM allocation, that was just an example. I would like to be able to configure auto-retrying of builds that fail due to the build process itself (as opposed to errors internal to CircleCI), as that can also happen sporadically, which was why we configured our Jenkins instance for auto-retry years ago.


I recommend posting in the feature requests section about configuring auto-retries. That would be an interesting feature to have in the config.


OK, will do.

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