Why "rebuild" button disappears from the build page?


If you open build page then on the right there is an option to “Rebuild” but once page fully loads the only one option left is “Rebuild job with SSH”.

Question: how do I get that rebuild, which simply re-runs the build. For failed builds once can get to index list of all builds and there is a “rebuild” link. But if I want to rebuild a green build (to ensure that it is not flaky) starting recent time I don’t see a way to do that.

Please see attached GIF showing how page loads and button “Rebuild” becomes “Rebuild job with SSH” with no options.

Circle 2.0.


I just found that “Rebuild” is available for ordinary jobs, but not jobs run as part of a workflow. My guess is you are illustrating a workflow job there, and you can rerun it by finding the parent workflow in the Workflows tab.


Oh yeah, this is true, this is a part of the workflow.

I kind of understand the logic behind this, but I have two stage workflow:

  • run tests
  • build container (requires run tests)

The container is only built for staging and master branches, meaning that majority of things are happening in branches having no dependency or requirement to run a complete workflow. Would be nice to be able to re-run individual steps of the workflow…


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