Why do tickets keep being locked?


So far my experience with CircleCI 2.0 has been very rough and most of the issues I’ve run into have been marked as solved and locked, but they’re not actually solved and so I and other users can’t comment and explain the issues that we’re still running into.

Here’s an example:


To clean up the board. That thread you linked was inactive for 1.5 months. You’re more than welcome to open a new one about it and start a new discussion.


My point isn’t that it’s old but that it was marked as solved and locked without any feedback from any users. It just feels like the support staff is trying to mark things as solved and lock them down rather than actually solving problems. I can’t even remember the number of threads that I’ve seen on topics like caching and use of docker that have been marked as solved and locked without the original issue having been addressed or any comments from actual users.


Maybe we see things differently. We’re marking things as solved when a workaround is presented. We’re not waiting on features to be released to solve threads. If you can do it now, and the solution has been posted, it’s marked as solved. If it’s idle for a period of time, we’ll mark it as closed.

I have on-boarded the most projects to 2.0. I am in the trenches with you. I know the pain points and the frustration with certain things. I’m fighting battles to get certain features implemented that are posted about on here.

Again, if there’s a pressing issue, you’re than welcome to open a new thread about it.


I would be fine if the workaround actually solved the problem but in the cases I’ve seen it hasn’t and the issue has still be marked as solved and locked.

Here’s the issues that work in CircleCI 1.0 but are totally broken in 2.0:


Thank you for pointing this out, I can see where you’re coming from. It’s frustrating to have discussion locked down when you still have more to say.

We want to strike a balance in managing this discussion board for multiple concerns.

Discussion focus is one concern. The 1.0 boards had problems with really old threads resurrected for reasons unrelated to the original discussion. On the 2.0 boards, some discussions become massive, unwieldy reply chains with many different issues. This is just one example. I literally spent days trying to untangle threads like this–not answering the question, just reading through responses to figure out which replies paired together. It’s a really ineffective use of time, where I wasn’t solving anyone’s problems with CircleCI 2.0. I was instead solving a forum organization problem.

Discussion quality and offering solutions or workarounds are another concern. In some cases, we offer a solution or workaround to a person’s issue and never hear from them again. On our side, we’ll continue to get questions about such posts and our workaround is still our best suggestion. We now try to mark questions as solved when we’ve offered the best thing we can think of. As you can see with your new Cache Key topic, Discourse, the forum software, auto-links old topics with new ones when you reply-as-a-new-topic or paste a link in your message body. Personally, I think this strikes a good balance between keeping topics on-point while allowing users to continue a discussion later.

As CircleCI takes 2.0 closer to general release, our support team will field more questions through our support ticket system. You’re right that we have been using Discuss as our ad-hoc ticket system during the alpha and closed beta periods, but we’re moving away from that. As a result, you should see less eager “marked as solved” from us. Also note that topic authors can click this–it’s not clear to me when we’ve done it and when an original author has.

I’d still really like to encourage discussion on these boards because every solved issue here is automatically available to all our users. I’ll talk with our support team about how we better manage this.


One reason threads were closed like the OP example is because the 2.0 config syntax changed. We don’t want active threads that are using the old style syntax. Now that the new syntax is stabilising we won’t lock threads so much.


I get that managing this forum is a complex task and many of the locks make sense, but I’ve seen at least 2 topics marked as solved and locked almost immediately after being opened when the solution didn’t even address the actual problem. Like I mentioned, the experience with CircleCI 2.0 has been very rough so far and the way people with problems seem to be treated has left me wondering if CircleCI really cares about helping customers be successful.


Thanks for the feedback. Sorry your experience with 2.0 so far has been challenging. The private Beta was released early and the product has evolved rapidly in the last couple of months. Things are stabilising now, so do let us know any current issues and we’ll do our best to get things working for you.

We care very much about getting 2.0 working well for people’s needs. The suggestion to keep this forum helpful and friendly by not closing threads too quickly is important. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ll make sure to keep threads open for discussion as long as possible.