Where do docker image names come from?


Just reading these steps for the first time. Want to give you my first impressions for feedback and such!

Excellent, excellent docs. I wasn’t planning on trying 2.0 tonight but now I’m energized.

Only small improvement I can suggest is to specify where docker image names come from (I assume dockerhub, right?) Perhaps link to a few examples?

Getting Started: Configuration

Thank you for the feedback! Our team is awesome and has been hard at work trying to get the information out there. I will make sure that they see this request.

You are correct, the names come from Docker Hub. For projects that are a part of the Docker Library, you can pull without having to preface it with anything. Simply provide the image and tag:

  • couchdb:1.6.1
  • redis:3.0.7

You can also pull public images created by your self or other users on Docker Hub. The one gotcha is that you will need to preface the name with account.

  • user_account/couchdb:1.6.1

I hope that clears things up. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. We are here to help!


Adding this info to docs. Thanks Mike.


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