Where are the build servers located geographically?


I’m looking to change my Docker registry in due course. I’m toying with switching to one of the big cloud providers, since they are extremely cheap for my levels of usage. I will likely be able to specify a region.

It makes sense for me to specify a region near CircleCI, since I will push/pull my images much more frequently to/from CI that from deploy servers. Firstly, would someone tell me what regions the Circle DCs are in?

Secondly (this is not important, but may be of interest to others) can the region of the CircleCI build servers be changed? I wonder if some folks will have deployment servers in a region that cannot be changed, and they might want to bring their CI/CD closer if possible.

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CircleCI builds on the AWS fleet. While I do believe the majority of our builds happen to occur on the EAST fleet, this is very much subject to change at any time (and in between builds). Also at this time it is not possible to select the AWS region you prefer.


Great, thanks Kyle. I will experiment with my Docker registry location, if my preferred solution lets me do that. The only real impact on me will be build times, and I expect the connectivity on both sides will be so good that it’ll only affect things in the order of a few sec per build anyway.


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