"when" attribute not available on orbs steps?


I am using the awesome aws-s3 orb, however I would like to specify the “when” attribute for the “aws-s3/copy” step, but I get the following error:

    #!/bin/sh -eo pipefail
    # Error calling workflow: 'run_tests'
    # Error calling job: 'test'
    # Error calling command: 'compile_allure_report'
    # Error calling command: 'aws-s3/copy'
    # Unexpected argument(s): when
    # -------
    # Warning: This configuration was auto-generated to show you the message above.
    # Don't rerun this job. Rerunning will have no effect.

    Exited with code exit status 1

Is that intended ? If no, could anyone indicate me how to solve this issue ? Thanks.

I found more info about this issue over here: Run orb commands on fail

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