When are we going to get Ubuntu 14.04?



We will be at 16.04 before we know it! When do you expect 14.04 support? Any chance we will be able to “choose” between them at some point in the future?

I’ve got dependencies that ONLY work in 14.04 and not 12.04.

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Thanks for bringing this up. We are working on an updated image. The plan would be to allow users to opt in to which image they want to use. We are coming up with a new method for image creation and distribution so that in the future we will be able to keep up with LTS releases in a more reasonable time frame (i.e. the day it comes out :slight_smile: )



I would also like to use alternate images with CircleCI builds. Any status on this issue? Thanks!


No real updates right now, but this is at the top of our list. Thanks so much for your patience.



Wanted to let you know that we have a beta going for Ubuntu 14.04 images. Currently this can be enabled per project. If you wish to give it a try, email us with the $ORG/$REPO that you wish to enable 14.04 for. :slight_smile:



Just wanted to follow up on this.

We’ve add a per-project switch in the UI so that you can switch to Trusty anytime you want. You can see this by accessing “Project Settings” -> “Experimental Settings”.

Please note that this is only available for customers who join our Beta Program. If you haven’t joined, please join from here !!

Please also note that you need to trigger a build by pushing commits to Github instead of rebuilding to apply the new setting.

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Just a note: pip is not installed by default in this image which broke my build.