What's the difference between .circleci folder and circle.yml?


Hi There,

Setting up CircleCI for the first time.
I followed this guide:

So the .circleci folder with config.yml setup worked.

But then I read this guide:

And tried using just circle.config at the root and it also worked.

What’s the difference between the two?
Any benefit for the .circleci folder?



You pretty much answered your own question. For Circle CI 2.0 a new format was introduced. The config also lives elsewhere as you point out.

If you prefer 1.0, you then also use the older format at the different path.


.circleci/config.yml is a new feature of 2.0

On 1.0 you must still use a circle.yml at the root of the project.

There are no immediate differences right now, but in the future there will be more types of configurations that can go into the .circleci folder.


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