What will happen to CircleCI 1.0 builds after August 31st?


What will happen to old CircleCI 1.0 builds after August 31st? Will they just fail or do we get a special notification if one of these builds happens?

We have lots of repositories with lots of branches, which we cannot upgrade completely.


Hi @tbuechner,

Are there configurations that are preventing the migration on some of these repos? Do reach out to Support if you have any questions about configuring these projects or are experiencing issues migrating.


The config translation endpoint may also help with transitioning to 2.0, and as Sara mentioned do definitely feel free to reach out to support if any assistance is desired.


Hi Sara,

no, these are not configuration problems, this is more of an organizational issue. We have some repositories in our organization, which are not under our control, but by our partners. So it will happen, that the CircleCI configuration of some of these repos will not be adapted to 2.0 until August 31st.

The question is simply, what will happen to these builds?


They will no longer run after August 31st.


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