What I have to do if I change private repository to public?

Hi There! I make public this repository:

But there are some issues here and I don’t know how to fix them:

  • Status Badge doesn’t work. Before making this repository public, I added the API Token needed for private repositories but then I realized that I don’t need it and took it out. With the API Token works but maybe could bring a security issue.
  • I’m not able to set the project as an open source one. This project is going to be an open source project and I want to set this option but I’m not able to do it and I don’t know why.

Thank you very much!

Hi @lucasSaavedra123 ,

I see that you have 2 questions. Let me try to answer them individually.

Status Badge doesn’t work.

Indeed, looking up the image URL for our project’s status badge, it seems that GitHub is returning 404 on the image.

It looks like GitHub’s Camo service may have cached this result, and we can force a re-fetch of this image via purging.

As such, you can try:

curl -X PURGE https://camo.githubusercontent.com/06272f62881a1a9234f208b8ff0ab1c0beb68e95b565b36709c2a31bcb1132ff/68747470733a2f2f636972636c6563692e636f6d2f67682f6c7563617353616176656472613132332f5374617469737469634672616d652f747265652f6d61737465722e7376673f7374796c653d736869656c64

I’m not able to set the project as an open source one.

Could you share in greater detail what do you mean when you want to set this option but was not able to?
For example, could you let us know:

  • where (which page) are you attempting to set this?
  • what was the error seen / shown when attempting to do this? A screenshot would be helpful :bowing_man:

Thank you!