What can be wrong with this workflow? The 2nd stage is not triggered




I have built a workflow to trigger automated deploys on several tags. The problem is that it is not getting triggered when I push a tag matching the regular expression. The first stage is triggered just as planned. What can be an issue?

  version: 2
      - build
      - deploy:
            - build
              only: /^v?\d+.\d+.\d+(-(alpha|beta|rc)(.\d+)?)?$/
              ignore: /.*/


Would you give an example of a tag that should match but does not?


v0.2.1-alpha, for instance. Tested it on regex101.com, may be the problem was with the way I did it: tagged already pushed commit and then pushed the tag.


OK. I’d suggest removing the anchors and putting in a trivial regex, e.g. matching v, to see if that works, then build incrementally from there. Also, check the docs to see if you actually need the // delimiters.

Finally, is the tags filter more powerful than the branches filter? If not, then getting branches to ignore all would ignore would ignore everything, even if it matches a tag only filter.


I don’t think so. It was working when those stages were in two separate workflows.


Resolved by setting tags filter for build stage to /.*/


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