What are the other steps for the yaml file?



In the post about getting started I saw there is the stages build, there are other stages? where is the full documentation about all parameters?
stages: build:



ok found it: Getting Started: Configuration



Can I do like we do in CCI 1.0?
this is just the last part of the circleci.yml

deployment: features: branch: master commands: - docker login -u cococo -p $API_KEY -e cocco@xoxox ${DOCKER_REPO} - docker push ${DOCKER_REPO}/${NAME} tags: tag: /v[0-9]+(\.[0-9]+)*/ commands: - docker login -u cococo -p $API_KEY -e cocco@xoxox ${DOCKER_REPO} - docker tag ${DOCKER_REPO}/${NAME}:latest $DOCKER_REPO}/${NAME}:$CIRCLE_TAG - docker push ${DOCKER_REPO}/${NAME}

or need to do the check per this post? Deploying Examples


Git tag deploys in 2.0

Not yet. Can you try using git describe with an if statement in the meantime?


This is now here: https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/configuration-reference/