Welcome to CircleCI 2.0


Update: Documentation for 2.0 is now available here: https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/

Thank you for signing up for our beta program.

CircleCI 2.0 is a highly customizable, powerful platform that includes first-class container support. It will help teams of all sizes realize even more of the benefits CI and CD bring. The new and expanded CircleCI 2.0 functionalities empower teams to do their best work and stay on the cutting edge of software development.

Some of the major 2.0 features are:

  1. Native Docker Support: You can pull any public Docker image from Docker Hub to set up your customized environment on 2.0 today. We have also added support for you to build Docker images and push them to Docker repositories.

  2. Faster build performance: 2.0 has been designed from the ground up and will provide significantly faster build performance.

  3. Local Build Support: This reproduces the CircleCI build environment locally and runs builds as if they are running on circleci.com. The feature enables better debugging and faster configuration.

  4. Much more to come :slight_smile:

Getting Started

Please see the documentation here: https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/

Getting Help

We’d like to hear your feedback.

Remember to use this forum to get the fastest replies if you have questions or run into obstacles during onboarding.

Confidentiality Notice: All information provided through the beta program is confidential. We’d appreciate it if you’d keep your thoughts and reviews to this forum for now.



We have added support for you to build Docker images and push them to Docker repositories. This functionality is currently in now available to all 2.0 customers.


FYI this error is caused by having an ENTRYPOINT in the image.

version: 2
  executorType: docker
    - image: markfirmware/ultibo-bash-v1
      workDir: ~/temperature
        - type: checkout

Unexpected preparation error: Internal Error - runner failed with exit code: 126


Thanks Mark for reporting this.

Our Support team has reached out to you.