Webhooks time out from Bitbucket


I see timeouts for webhooks from Bitbucket almost all the time. Examples are


Bitbucket reports

  "message": "An internal server error occurred."

Python unit tests fail on branches, run on master

How/where do you have your webhooks configured?


Bitbucket, and they were added by CircleCI.


Looks like same issue as Bitbucket webhook error 500.


Are you using tags?

I investigated on Friday, but didn’t find anything conclusive. Sorry I forgot to follow up last week.


We have tags, but we’re not trying to build tags.

Curiously, webhooks are processed for some developers, and not at all for others. My commits always lead to a timeout with the error ’ “message”: “An internal server error occurred.”’.

You can see the CirleCI page at https://circleci.com/bb/fenics-project/ffc, and the commit log at https://bitbucket.org/fenics-project/ffc/commits/all.


I think I have an idea what’s going on. For project X, webhooks for pushes from users who have a CircleCI account but who have revoked access for CircleCI to their Bitbucket personal account, i.e. me, time out. For code committers that don’t have a CircleCI account the webhooks seem to trigger successfully.

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