Webhook support removed from documentation? Still supported?




We use webhooks that fire after the build finishes to trigger various events in our infrastructure.

We use this syntax (as was previously indicated in the documentation):

    - url: https://webhook/

I can no longer find any reference to webhook notifications in the Circle 2.0 documentation.

Is this feature still supported?

CircleCI 2.0 notifications/webhooks

This has always been in the experimental section of the 1.0 documentation.

Our experimental section is a way of giving early previews of new configuration options we are considering adding. These settings are liable to change without notice.

I do not believe this works any longer in 2.0


(It’s weird that I need to explain this to you, but here goes)

It’s a fully supported feature according to the 1.0 docs:


The experimental feature you’re speaking of is per-branch notifications, which is not what I’m referring to.

It definitely has been working in 2.0. I was just looking to tweak our infrastructure around this feature and was surprised to not find it in the docs.

  • If it is to be a supported feature, it would be great to have that noted in the Circle 2.0 docs
  • If it’s not, what would you suggest to replace it - something that will be notified of a build after it’s completely finished so our infrastructure can react properly.

This seems like a non-optional feature to me.


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