Webhook notify depending on the branch


Hi would like to use webhook depending on the branch. am using tutum to host my service and circle to build the container I would like the ability to redeploy to tutum by sending a trigger from circle ci depending on the branch, can’t a way of doing that


This is currently not possible. Sorry about that!

The only thing I can suggest is to issue the requests to Tutum API manually with curl—in this case you will be able to control which branch executes it and which doesn’t:

    - if [ $CIRCLE_BRANCH == master ] ; then curl -XPOST ... ; fi


Hi @alexey, just wondering if this is possible now. I’d only like a webhook to run for master branch builds.


Looking at the experimental Per Branch Notifications part of the docs, it looks like this should now be possible. However, I’m having trouble implementing. For example, I only want to trigger a notification once I merge a branch to develop and my code has built there. If I try the below, the webhook is still being hit every time I push to any branch. Any suggestions on how to get this working?

        - develop

    - url: https://domain.com/webhook

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