Want help migrating a project to CircleCI 2.0/Workflows?




I’ll be doing a free, public webinar on Workflows 101: Running Jobs on CircleCI 2.0 two weeks from today (Thursday, May 17th)—I’m looking for open-source customers with projects currently building on 1.0, or building on 2.0 but not using Workflows, who might be interested in getting some config-writing assistance, in exchange for having their project(s) used as part of the webinar.

Here’s a longer blurb about the webinar:

In CircleCI 2.0, we no longer live in a world where build, test, and deploy are in lockstep—with Workflows, you can define and set your jobs and their run order. Once configured, Workflows can help you gain even more flexibility and granular control over jobs across your projects. In this webinar you’ll:

  • Receive an intro to Workflows, and learn how it can support any kind of job orchestration for faster feedback and aid in resolving failures sooner
  • Understand each use case from sequential, parallel jobs, fan in/fan out, re-starting jobs from failure points, and manual gating
  • Learn how to use Workspaces and Contexts
  • See some examples of how other orgs have used Workflows on CircleCI 2.0

Please email me over the next couple days if you’re interested and think you have projects that might fit the bill!