Waiting for build to complete when invoked via HTTP API



Hey do you have any best practices for waiting on an build that was invoked via the HTTP API?

We’re using CircleCI to power our Prod -> Stage DB copy job and using a secondary job to do the invoking but in order to complete this job it needs to call two other jobs (x1 for our Infrastructure deploy & x1 for our application deploy). Is even using the HTTP API the best practice in this scenario? Is there a way to call another job as a step and have it wait on the success of that job before proceeding?

Can I trigger a build via API and wait for it to complete?

For now I’ve written a little polling function in bash to do the job.

wait_for_build() {

    # Pipe syserr message to /dev/null, we don't care we're not trying to change the system date.
    # Use cat to suppress exit code.
    timeout_time=$(date -s "${TIMEOUT_IN_SECS} seconds" +%s 2> /dev/null | cat)
    for i in `seq 1 $(($TIMEOUT_IN_SECS / $POLL_INTERVAL_IN_SECS))`; do
        echo "[Try ${i}] Waiting for build: $BUILD_URL"

        result=$(curl --user ${CIRCLE_API_TOKEN}: \
            --fail \
        lifecycle=$(echo $result | jq --raw-output --exit-status '.lifecycle')
        if [ $lifecycle == 'finished' ]; then
            # We've got to a final state, eg. success, failed, canceled etc.

        if [ $(date +%s) > timeout_time ]; then
            # We've hit a roadblock, let's get out of here and not tie things up any longer.
        sleep $POLL_INTERVAL_IN_SECS

wait_for_build "<my api token>" "<my build url to check>" "<max timeout in secs>"

Does the job for what I need it to do for now.


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