View or Download Full Output Logs


When output from a build is especially long, as is the case with the build for our main product, the CircleCI UI displays a message “(this output has been truncated)”. It is perfectly acceptable for there to be an arbitrary limit on the amount of data you are willing to throw up there on the page that shows the stages of the build, however as of now, the only way to actually see the full output is to restart the build with SSH and then log in and (hopefully) perform the same steps that led to the error you were trying to track down in the truncated log.

It would be terrific if one were able to click a button to view (even in raw format) or download the full output log.

As much as I dislike Bamb**, this is an area they implemented well. The live logs would scroll by and be truncated, but there was a button right next to the truncated stream to view the full output on an unformatted page.



Thank you for this feature request! We will be sure to update this thread again if/when we implement this.

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Something that I do find annoying about this feature is that it is appears to be only the “first 4MB” that can be downloaded. Could you make this the LAST 4MB that can be downloaded as it’s usually in the last part of the log where the errors occur and can be viewed.


This seems like an absolute must. My runs with debug statements are worthless for figuring out what’s broken.


Please see this thread for a workaround to save full logs to your artifacts: Uncapped logging output


The workaround is quite a hassle for those of us with already complicated circle.yml files and many many projects.

What about displaying the last 4MB of logs rather than the first? The last is most important in most cases anyways, particularly when debugging failures.


I’ve created a utility for downloading the CircleCI build test output to file to solve this problem.

You can integrate it into Circle build process so that it goes to artifacts like here:

- this way the full output will be downloadable via Artifacts tab.