Vertical Scalability



Hi everyone,

Circle 2.0 is apparently making a big bet on parallelism. This makes sense for a lot of scenarios, but for me, I’m compiling a large Scala project, and the Scala compiler is SLOW. Having parallel instances doesn’t help much in this scenario. The primary thing that can make my project build faster is good old fashioned CPU power.

Is there a way in Circle 2.0 where I can specify the instance type that I want to use, and pay more for a beefier instance? If not, are there plans to add this?



“Flexible Resource Allocation” is a planned feature for CircleCI 2.0. It is briefly mentioned in the sign up page.


Getting scala to run tests in parallel with ScalaTest is not trivial so the beefier instance stuff doubly important.


@FelicianoTech How can our team use the “Flexible Resource Allocation”?


Apologies for the delay. You can open a ticket requesting access to this feature.