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We have switched to v2.0 and have the required circle.yml file in our master branch.

When we create a branch from master, make a commit then create a pull request circle runs on the new branch and every time fails with the following warnings:

If I then make a 2nd commit to that branch, ci will run agai ( as expected ) but this time it works properly.

What are we doing wrong?


If you’re editing a circle.yml file, then you’ll still be on CircleCI 1.0. You want to be editing a .circleci/config.yml file when working on 2.0. You should remove the circle.yml file from the root of your project.


Makes sense, moved the file to the correct folder and renamed.

Commited that.

Created a new branch, committed, created a PR and again 1st build failed, different error this time as it cant find any config at all.

Same thing again, if I make a 2nd commit into that test branch it runs again and uses the config file.


Is it a private repo? I’d be happy to take a peek if not.


Yes its a private repo.


When it runs after you push the 2nd commit, does it show “2.0” at the top of the build next to the build number?


Yea something like that


That’s really strange that c20c32e didn’t build on 2.0. Can you tell me exactly what you changed in 8da2be4?


Just added some random white space into a file, same as the commit before that didnt build.


Well that certainly shouldn’t cause it to build against 2.0. I think the CircleCI peeps are going to have to look into that one.


It sounds like invalid YAML until you corrected it.


Corrected what?

The config file does not change, every time you create a new branch it fails, every time with every branch until you make a new commit to that branch then it runs 2.0 properly using the config.


I did not edit any YAML.

All I did was add a blank line to one of our php files.


Sorry- I misunderstood.

This sounds like the same problem as CircleCI not always picking up config.yml

We have a bug ticket open but no fix as of yet.

CircleCI not always picking up config.yml
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