V2: AWS permissions set in web UI not available in container



I did add the AWS permissions on the Project Settings. This seems to be working fine in CircleCI v1.
The AWS permissions page mentions specifically that: Credentials are installed on your containers into the ~/.aws/config and ~/.aws/credentials properties files.

In v2 I get the following error when trying to ls the ~/.aws config directory

ls ~/.aws
ls: cannot access /home/circleci/.aws: No such file or directory
Exited with code 2

Using the following circle.yml should allow you to reproduce the error:

version: 2
executorType: machine
        workDir: ~/front
            - type: checkout
            - type: shell
              name: display aws
              command: ls ~/.aws

Issue logging in to aws, missing credentials

You need to set them as environment variables in your project settings for now, see the last comment in AWS credentials in machine executor