Using wildcard with test-results-store


Erlang’s Common Test framework outputs results to a directory named like ct_run.nonode@nohost.2017-01-11_14.16.41, meaning the output dir is different every time you run it. Currently I have this hack in place:

  - type: shell
    shell: /bin/bash
    command: |
        set -exu

        rebar3 do dialyzer, xref, ct, cover
        rebar3 coveralls send

        mkdir -p junit/
        mv _build/test/logs/ct_run*/junit_report.xml junit/

  - type: test-results-store
    path: ~/vonnegut/junit

To get the junit report into a directory I know the path of. I tried using a wildcard in the path for test-results-store but it failed.

Is it possible to get that supported?


That seems like a good use case. I’ve filed this internally as a feature request. Thanks!

I think you should be able to copy the parent folder as well, and CircleCI should be able to pick up test files in subfolders. That could possibly capture too many files for your liking, though.



And I’ll try just giving _build/test/logs/, that should be fine if it just searches for files named junit_report.xml or similar.