Using Pip in a Clojure container



Hey there - I’m just getting started with CircleCI 2.0 and was curious about how I could use the AWS CLI from within a Clojure container. In Circle 1.0 I’d just use Pip; I thought about using a machine executor but it seems like 2.0 really wants you to run things using Docker as an executor. Any thoughts on what the best way to approach this would be?


You need to have the AWS CLI installed, which can be done in several ways.

  1. Install PIP, then install the CLI as you’d normally do.
  2. The AWS CLI Docs has a section “Standalone Installers” which goes over install methods for use cases like CI.
  3. Create your own Docker image (you can extend ours if you like) and incorporate one of the first two options into that image. Then, just have your build use your own image.


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