Using contexts on a non-org fork by an in-org user



Reading the documentation for contexts, I was hoping I might be able to use them to enable environment variables for PRs by org members when the PR is coming from a fork:

To use environment variables set on the Contexts page, the person running the workflow must be a member of the organization for which the context is set

In some open-source projects I work on, a few members insist on working on their own forks, which makes CI a bit of a pain when sensitive environment variables are involved. We’d like to not share them with just any random PR, but only with PRs by certain people (e.g. org members). Contexts sounded like they might fit the bill perfectly, but I just tried this and it doesn’t seem work. Am I misunderstanding how they’re supposed to work (is it just across repos owned by an org), or do I likely have something misconfigured?


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