Up-to-date versions?



The main reason I’ve been waiting for CircleCI 2.0 is so I can use the latest versions of Docker and Docker Compose.

Unfortunately, the CircleCI 2.0 environment is already out of date, with Docker 1.12.6 (from Jan 10th) and Docker Compose 1.9.0 (from November 15th).

At least while 2.0 is in beta, can these versions please be kept up-to-date? I can upgrade these myself, but it adds unnecessary time to the build…

The latest Docker is 1.13.1, and Docker Compose is 1.11.1.

Thank you!


To clarify, you’re referring to the image running on executorType: machine?


Yes, the executorType: machine is reporting:

docker --version
docker-compose --version

Docker version 1.12.6, build 78d1802
docker-compose version 1.9.0, build 2585387


Thanks for sharing these details. It’s helpful for us to hear about this from multiple users. I’ve added some more context to our internal discussions about this.


This is still an issue on both the docker and machine executors, and limits the use of docker-compose. The machine executor allows for upgrading so that version 2 and 3 Compose files can be used, but the docker executor does not appear to allow upgrading.

I noticed the new 2.0 docs mention that the machine executor would potentially get locked behind a premium/paid feature, and without closer version tracking or the option to manipulate the Remote Docker provisioned by setup_docker_engine, docker-compose isn’t going to be an option on the docker executor.

Thanks (srsly, circleci 2.0 is the coolest)!


It would be great if the remote docker environment could be updated because I’d love to start making use of the new multi stage Dockerfile builds: https://docs.docker.com/engine/userguide/eng-image/multistage-build.