Unable to "Stop Watching" a repo in an org with access problems


So one of the project I used to work on recently got moved over to a different org. An org I am not a part of and won’t be at any point. Mostly this was just a left over project that I need to remove from my project list.

However, when I went to stop watching the project, it doesn’t let me. It shows in the special area at the top noting that I don’t have access to it (“Warning: Access Problems”) and has a slightly dimmer button. I would expect if this can’t succeed I wouldn’t be able to click on it (which would be a different problem because I don’t want to keep getting notifications for this repo). But I can click on it, it shows the spinning “I’m doing something” icon, but doesn’t actually do anything.

If I open up the browser console, I see the following:

Uncaught Error: No protocol method IDeref.-deref defined for type object:

Tested in Chrome and Firefox on Windows

Steps to reproduce:

  1. ?? Move a repo to an org you don’t have access to ??
  2. Go to Add Projects page
  3. Expand org to show repo you don’t have access to
  4. Click on “Stop Watching” button (dimmed for me)


Button works and I stop watching the repo. Or, I can’t click on it, it does nothing (and I have a different way to stop watching?)


Error in console and I do not stop watching

I have almost the same issue - I left an organization, but cannot stop watching the projects that belong to that organization. When I click the “stop watching” button, it just keeps spinning forever and it never worked. I have been trying this for over 2 months and it still does the same thing.