Unable to see uploaded artifacts


Previously we were able to see artifacts within the CircleCI interface, now this section appears empty.

The upload artifacts steps are reporting uploaded.


I’m seeing this with a test project too: https://circleci.com/gh/BuildSizeTest/CircleCI2Test/5. It says that the upload succeeded:

Uploading /home/circleci/repo/hello.txt to home/circleci/repo/hello.txt
Uploaded /home/circleci/repo/hello.txt

But the “artifacts” section is blank. Furthermore, the API is not returning the artifacts either: https://circleci.com/api/v1.1/project/github/BuildSizeTest/CircleCI2Test/3/artifacts

Artifact upload is not working as of today

The same issue. Previously store_artifacts step was saying something like
Uploading /home/circleci/repo/hello.txt to s3://circle-production-customer-artifacts/picard/.../...-build/artifacts/~

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Also seeing this on our builds.


same here, it was fine 3days ago


Thanks for reporting this. The issue is now resolved. For any jobs that didn’t upload artifacts you can rebuild them to generate the artifcats.


I’ve been using artifacts to host code coverage reports (html) and post them to github. Since this change the header response type on s3 has changed which makes the browser attempt to download the files when I would like them displayed in browser.

Could this be fixed?


Yep I’m also seeing this issue.


Created a new bug report for this specific issue. Artifacts being served with wrong content-type

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