Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) Build Image Support

From “When are we going to get Ubuntu 14.04?” I take that you’re trying to keep up with LTS releases.

When do you plan to provide 16.04 images?


What is the timeline to offer Ubuntu 16.04 build image support? Will mysql 5.7 be part of that image?

We’d love to have a 16.04 build. The packages on 14.04 are a bit crusty and backporting into the build system feels like not-a-great use of time.

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Can we get any feedback on a timeline for this from a CircleCi Employee? Over 3 months since release of Ubuntu 16.04.

The short answer is “not soon” – but the good news is that the reason is we’re working on making it easier to customize your build environment more generally. Don’t yet have any concrete dates to share, unfortunately. If there are particular packages that seem particularly crusty do please let us know in a post on this forum or by submitting a support ticket.

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Thanks for the feedback on a short-term mitigation strategy, looking forward to the new features!

Any concrete dates to share yet? Could we get Ubuntu 16.04 support without any extra “customize your build environment more generally?”

@dgentry the long term solution will be https://circleci.com/blog/say-hello-to-circleci-2-0/ this is the future of our build platform, so there will no longer be build images as they currently exist.

@levlaz Can we get a short term solution until Circle 2.0 isn’t in closed beta anymore?

Ubuntu 16.04 was released more than a year ago and your comment is the last we’ve heard as far as I can tell.

I was just, via support mail, encouraged to post Ubuntu 16.04 support as a feature request.

Currently, we have a development and production setup running Ubuntu 16.04 but have to do odd trickery to achieve a build setup that resembles (but still isn’t alike).

2.0 is no longer in closed beta. Anyone can access and use it today. One of the biggest pain points that 2.0 solves for us and our users is the build environment. Any engineering time that we could put in to creating and maintaining a 16.04 image is better spent making 2.0 as stable as possible.

I was just, via support mail, encouraged to post Ubuntu 16.04 support as a feature request.

Im sorry for the misunderstand there, I will talk to my team to make sure that for this particular issue we encourage folks to move over to 2.0.

I would highly encourage you to give 2.0 a try. I think that you will find it much more robust and will certainly address your use case. If you run into any trouble feel free to reach out to me or post on the 2.0 section of this site for more help.

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For the record, CircleCI 2.0 hit General Availability (GA) yesterday.