Trouble understanding deploy configuration


I’m reading through this documentation, and I have some questions that I don’t believe are covered in there.

  1. If my build steps install software that’s also needed in my deploy steps (e.g. npm install), do I also need to run the npm install within the deploy steps?
  2. Does my deploy job also need to specify the docker image? The documentation is spotty in that regard - sometimes including it and sometimes not.
  3. I’m using branches: only: to limit CircleCI to my master and staging branches.
    • Do I need to include that within each job block (so once in build and again in deploy)?
    • Do I need to include filters: branches: only: as well?
  4. What “runs”/“drives” the whole process, when there are jobs and workflows present? For example, what happens in the scenario of there being a test block in jobs that is omitted in the workflows block?
  5. What is machine: enabled: true in the ‘Overview’ section?

I think it may have been helpful for me if these examples were a little closer to being usable. For example, instead of # build and test jobs go here, show me the full example. It’s totally possible that someone is reading through this deploy documentation without a complete understanding of any build/test jobs - for example, I regularly have 8+ minutes to kill between tests so I use that time to read ahead in the docs.


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